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Introduction Post

Okay. I'm moderator and thusly I do as I please. I didn't decide to do an introduction post because...just because. But here it is:

-My name is Sarah. I have lots of nicknames.
-I live in Chicago.
-The very instant I heard HIM I fell in love with them. It's my favorite band of all time, and always will be. They were the best friend I had when no one else was there. The love that sang me to sleep at night. There's so many reason why I love this band...
-I really digged the lyrics and sound. It was that kind of heavy yet not too heavy sound I've always loved. Fast paced, or slow. Melancholy lyrics that fit a wonderful melody. And there seems to be a song to fit everyone of my emotions in some way shape or form, as strange as some of it is.
-Favorite song? I could never...EVER choose one. I'd end up listing them all.
-Favorite album. Hm. That's another hard one. It usually depends on my mood, or general theme for the month. I love Razorblade Romance and And Love Said No, however...lots.
-Uh. I have a HIM pillow case.
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