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HIM in Chitown

Chicago HIM Fans Unite

Chicago HIM Fans
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This is him_in_chitown. Now, him_in_chitown is a community for the fans of His Infernal Majesty who reside in the Chicagoland/Illinois/Indiana regions. As loyal HIM fans, we all know how hard it is for us to get any merchandise of this band. We've all gone through it...searching for their one CD/poster/shirt/whatever and we just cannot find it. This is for us fans to unite and join forces (in a way?) to be able to get our hands on any of those hard to find things. If you find something at a local store, you tell us. You've got anything to sell? Sell it! It's hard to support this obscure band since we don't live in the UK. And to hell with import prices! Why pay an arm and a leg for "such-and-such"? You can also post your favorite pictures, icons, graphics, mp3's, drawings, videos...anything to do with His Infernal Majesty.

- I *DO NOT* tolerate any bashing whatsoever. This is a community for us. The -fans-. This will be a peaceful and giving enviornment. If you don't like H.I.M., then don't even bother. Lets all play nicely, my sweethearts.
- Please watch grammar and spelling. No typing like an idiot: sUch AS sHyte lYKe tHis!!!!!!111ONEONE
- Post pictures. It's not necessary, per se, but...I like pictures of the band. We all do.
- If you decide to post a picture, unless it's small, please use an LJ cut. Dial uppers get mad at large pictures taking forever to load...or so the legend goes.
- If you do need to use an LJ cut, here's how: <*lj-cut*><*/lj-cut*> remove the *'s.
- Have pure, unadulterated, fun with this.

Your Moderaters:
- piolokte

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